About Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker is a product by CompanionLink Software, Inc.

CompanionLink was founded in 1987 and is primarily involved with products that synchronize PC to Phones. Few software companies last for 36 years. With a history that spans from the dawn of mobile devices and predates the internet, we have a bit of perspective about which technologies today are relevant.

As a part of our diverse product line, we are actively posting blog articles giving our thoughts on small business topics like remote workplace, cybersecurity, investing and app development. We are asked daily to evaluate writing to see whether it is appropriate for our blog websites.

In 2023 we have seen a profound sea change. In January 2023, AI text generation was new, and people found it a curiosity. We started the development of the Easy AI checker in March 2023. By mid-April, over half the content we evaluated and tested showed evidence of substantial AI generation. It has long been a sore point for us that plagiarism checking is so slow and unwieldy.

So now is born our service. We are using several commercial APIs packaged in a form that we find convenient for us to use. We hope you also find it suitable. Some of our APIs are fee-based, and we need to charge a fee to recover the cost of the service and form a pool to improve our service. We hope you find this to be low-priced and valuable to you.

A world where every web page, every article, every news story and even every video and song is touched, improved or formed by AI is upon us. Hopefully, this tool will help you navigate the incoming tide.

Wayland Bruns, CEO
CompanionLink Software, Inc.

Dekum Building Portland Oregon