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What is AI-generated content?
Blogs, articles, papers, emails and text created by ChatGPT, Google Bard or similar tools are AI-generated content. Because the content is at least partly created by an automated system, many people consider it a different quality than content written by a human. Indeed, most people find AI content uninteresting and a waste of reading time.
What is Easy AI Checker?
We are working to create a fast and convenient tool for people who need to know whether the text is AI or human generated. We are the only tool that can run AI and plagiarism checks simultaneously. Our detector uses GPT Zero and adds proprietary logic to avoid false flags.
How is AI-Generated Text detected?
Currently, most AI-generated text has several characteristics that simple automated systems can detect. The model we use on this website is primarily based on text Perplexity and Burstiness.
AI-generated text generally has low perplexity; the word choices in a sentence lack the interest or color commonly associated with effective writing. The text uses boring words.
Burstiness refers to sentence length. AI-generated text has all sentences the same length. Sentences of the same length, without color or interest, are generally markers for AI-generated text.
How does Easy AI Checker work?
We use the GPT Zero API to scan the text. Based on that response, we cleaned out some characteristics incorrectly flagged by that system. We offer the option to check for plagiarism.
Can AI-written text be identified?
No. It is possible that a human who uses common words in a boring way and writes sentences of all the same length could be identified as an AI. An AI checker is checking patterns and cannot know true authorship.
Every AI-generated text has some human input. A human has created the idea and maybe edited a few words So an AI check is not a check of absolute authorship. It can only be a general pattern match.
AI detection oddly detects grammar errors and misspellings as the mark of human-generated text. AI-written sentences are always grammatically correct. So misspelled words, incorrect grammar or homonym mistakes are ways to know a human writes the text.
Why does the Plagiarism Check override the AI Check?
If one sentence is both AI-detected and plagiarized, we show the plagiarism color. It is because Plagiarized text is absolute – you cannot deny the exact text is already posted online. On the other hand, the AI check is just a pattern match. Most AI-generated text shows human alterations, so true authorship cannot be demonstrated.
What if I lose my grade or my job because of AI detection?
When you submit a paper or article to a teacher or employer, an AI check tool can help you understand some of the factors used to grade your work. If you are trying to pass AI-generated text as your own authored text, you may need to check with several tools to ensure the general AI patterns are not present.
Is my data stored?
Yes. For quality control purposes, everything you place on this website is stored for 60 days, and our team may review that text to improve our quality.
What languages does the Easy AI Detector support?
Currently, our detector model only supports English text. However, we are working on alternate libraries that may help us add other language capabilities. Our plagiarism detector works in all sentence-based languages.